New Vehicle Warranty

Whether you're off the beaten track or cruising the open highway, you can rest assured knowing that your new Subaru is covered by Subaru’s New Vehicle Warranty.

If you purchased your new Subaru on or after 1st January 2019, your vehicle comes with a 5 Years/Unlimited Kilometres warranty period, unless the vehicle is used as a hire car, taxi, ride share, rental, driving school, delivery or courier vehicle in which case the warranty period is 5 years/150,000 kilometres (whichever occurs first). 

The Subaru New Vehicle Warranty period on high-voltage batteries for Subaru Hybrid vehicles is 8 years/160,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

Subaru Australia warrants that if any part of the vehicle is found to be defective in factory materials or workmanship within the stated warranty period, it will be repaired, replaced or adjusted by Murray Bridge Subaru free of charge to you.  For full terms and conditions, see the Subaru Warranty and Service Handbook located in the Owner’s Wallet of your vehicle or available from the links below.


Where to get Subaru Warranty Repairs

Take your Subaru to Murray Bridge Subaru if it needs repairs under the Subaru New Vehicle Warranty. Murray Bridge Subaru will honour the Subaru New Vehicle Warranty, and will be happy to repair, replace or adjust free of charge any part of your vehicle that is defective in factory materials or workmanship.

Please note that Subaru Australia is unable to reimburse the cost of warranty repairs carried out during the warranty period by a repairer other than an authorised Subaru Retailer or Murray Bridge Subaru, except where express prior approval for those repairs has been obtained.


Transferring your Warranty to a New Owner

The New Vehicle Warranty runs with the vehicle and is transferable from owner to owner conditional upon the standard warranty terms as explained in the Warranty & Service Handbook. The New Vehicle Warranty is only available in Australia and is not transferable to other countries as no reciprocal world-wide warranty is provided.


What's not covered

The Subaru New Vehicle Warranty does not cover everything and it’s important that we tell you about the exclusions of your New Vehicle Warranty.

In particular, repairs, replacements and adjustments under the Subaru New Vehicle Warranty are not available for deterioration, defects, faults or failures due to: 

  • Ordinary wear and tear.
  • Use of the vehicle for a purpose or under road or climatic conditions other than for which it was designed, including racing, rallying, speed trialling, hill climbing or similar activities or competitive events.
  • Any work carried out on the vehicle by a person other than Murray Bridge Subaru.
  • Driver negligence, misuse or abuse (e.g. tampering, disconnection, loading or towing beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, or continuing to drive the vehicle after loss of fluids, lubricants, oils, coolants, refrigerants or water).
  • Modifications or alterations (including to software) which have not been approved by the manufacturer, or the installation or use of non-genuine parts, accessories, equipment, assemblies or components.
  • No warranty repair shall be made if it is found that the odometer or the Warranty and Service Booklet have been tampered with.  Note: When replacing the instrument cluster (including odometer), the relevant section in this Handbook on the ‘vehicle identification’ page must be completed by Murray Bridge Subaru. The date and kilometres must be documented, if the instrument cluster is replaced.
  • Water ingress from floods or deep water fording.
  • A failure to have the vehicle serviced in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations in this Handbook, or a failure to have the vehicle repaired promptly in accordance with such recommendations following an accident or other damage, or after a defect becomes known or is suspected.
  • A failure to maintain the vehicle, including its body trim and paintwork, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, or the use of unsuitable agents.
  • Use of non-recommended, incorrect specification, inappropriate or dirty fuel, oil, fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants or water. See your vehicle Owner’s Manual or contact Murray Bridge Subaru for specifications.
  • Accident, impact, fire, war, theft, illegal use or malicious damage by a third person.
  • Environmental conditions including acid rain, industrial fall-out, salt, sand, stones, tree sap, bark or leaves, bird, animal or insect droppings or other damage, windstorm, flooding, earthquakes, landslide, hail, flood, lightning, extreme temperatures or other acts of nature.
  • Improper repairs, inspection, diagnosis or adjustments not approved or recommended by Subaru Australia.


The Subaru New Vehicle Warranty applies in addition to the guarantees, rights and remedies conferred by the Australian Consumer Law and other applicable Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation.  The Subaru New Vehicle Warranty does not exclude, affect or limit those guarantees, rights or remedies, except to the extent that their application may lawfully be excluded or limited.

In particular, our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Subaru vehicles are certified to all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR) in force at the time of certification. It is illegal to fit a replacement part or accessory or make other modifications which does not allow the vehicle to continue to comply with the requirements of the Australian Design Rules.

In servicing the vehicle, the use of genuine and approved parts and accessories will help ensure that the original vehicle specification and quality is maintained, and that the vehicle continues to comply with certification requirements and government regulations relating to vehicle safety and environmental controls. Subaru Australia offer a Manufacturer’s Warranty over genuine parts and accessories imported and distributed by it. This includes genuine Subaru STI performance parts and accessories.


Genuine Parts and Accessories Warranty against defects

PDF copies of the Warranty and Service Handbook for Subaru vehicles purchased new from 1st January 2019 can be accessed via the links below:

MY19 onwards Forester

MY18 onwards Impreza and XV

MY18 onwards Liberty, Outback, Levorg, WRX and WRX STI


MY20 onwards Forester (including Hybrid), Impreza and XV (including Hybrid)

MY18 onwards Liberty, Outback, Levorg, WRX and WRX STI


New Subaru vehicles purchased and delivered prior 1st January 2019 come with a 3 Year/ Unlimited Kilometre Warranty, unless purchased during a campaign period. If you have lost your warranty and service handbook contact Murray Bridge Subaru to order your handbook.

  • Disclaimer

    The information provided above is a summary of the Subaru New Vehicle Warranty that comes with all New Subaru vehicles imported into Australia by Subaru (Aust) Pty Ltd. For full terms and conditions, please refer to the Warranty and Service Handbook that comes with all New Subaru vehicles.